Created Economy 30: Interview with's Efren Plasencia

How can creators use curation to grow their communities and build influence? Efren "Tony" Plasencia explains why it's a powerful tool in this "Created Economy" interview.

Created Economy 30: Interview with's Efren Plasencia
Efren "Tony" Plasencia is the founder of content curation app

We're excited to welcome Efren "Tony" Plasencia to "The Created Economy" to chat about the power of curation in the Creator Economy!

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Deep Dive

Tony's big start was helping Uber sign up new drivers. Since then, he's been involved in sales and the marketplace at tech firms and Thumbtack. His first startup was Hello Certified, which helped businesses stay up-to-date on the latest COVID-19 policies. Now he's the founder of, an app to allow creators to organize their content — think Pocket and Pinterest but with a Web3 spin — and Onboard DAO.

In this episode of "The Created Economy," we ask Tony how he got involved in the Creator Economy, why he's embracing curation as a powerful tool for creators to grow their communities, and ways he's helping others better understand (and embrace?) Web3.